After three days of training 8th-10th March, the assessments have now begun. Myself (Gillian Murray), Tom Campbell (Dreghorn AC) and Sean Connolly (Annbank AC) have set the standard with passing all three exams (PA1, PA6 and PA6AW). Five further volunteers will be assessed between tomorrow (Wed 16th March) and Thurs 17th March. So lets hope the success continues. All volunteers who pass will be supplied with personal protective equipment (PPE), a knapsack sprayer and some chemical allowing them to control invasive weeds within their local river. Ayrshire Rivers Trust are currently involved in four year invasive weed project, funded by the EU, for more information please refer to the CIRB page, which can be found under projects then invasive weeds.

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One Response to Spraying Course

  1. Richard,
    I am aware that you are interested in doing the course and will be in touch when we start to train volunteers in the upper catchments. The priority has to be the lower catchments where the problem caused by invasive species is far larger than in upstream areas. I know the Glaisnock has significant problems with Japanese Knotweed but initially we plan to use a contractor in this area for the first 4 years of control so there is no urgency for volunteers yet. Don’t worry, if you still want to do it, you will get the opportunity in due course.