We have now completed control of Giant Hogweed on the Lower Irvine, Annick, Garnock and the Coastal Burns.
The Lower Ayr is virtually complete with a few areas needing a quick re visit by the contractor. The Upper Ayr and Irvine are both underway and should be completed soon if the wind stays down (and rain holds off).
Assessments of the results so far have been good. Despite difficult conditions and tight schedules, all the contractors appear to have given this their all and done a great job.
Anyone seeing a plant that has been missed and appears to be about to flower or is in flower should let us know and we will deal with it. Don’t be tempted to whack it down with a stick as this doesn’t solve the problem and you may end up covered in sap that burns!
We will soon be commencing  Japanese Knotweed injection  on the Glaisnock and Girvan. Watch this space for more updates.

Comparing the 2 images shows how effective the contractors have been on the Lower Ayr (1 GHW missed to the right of the picture). The large leaved plant that remains is Butterburr not Giant Hogweed.

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2 Responses to Invasive Weed Control – Progress report.

  1. Ian Rankin says:

    I would like to report several Giant Hogweed plants surviving upstream of Tarholm Bridge on the river Ayr. Some of these are showing signs of flowering and are located along the River Ayr Way on the Right Hand Bank.

    • Thanks for the information Ian. This is very helpfull as we can’t be everywhere at once and time is running out to get these flowering plants before it’s too late.
      I’ll send the contractor back out to this areas asap.