The Carrick Invasive Species Project now has its own dedicated website:

The Carrick Invasive Species Project is a community lead project which aims to raise awareness of the issues associated with INNS and to bring them under control along the watercourses of the Girvan and Stinchar catchments.  The project will initially focus on tackling Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam.  This will be the first year of control in many areas and the strategic approach that will be applied has proven successful on other Ayrshire rivers to date.  However, it is important to emphasise that to succeed and eradicate Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam from these rivers it will take participation from the local communities and land owners.  There are opportunities for people from the local communities to gain qualifications which will assist with practical control works.  Volunteers can obtain a knapsack sprayer qualification which will allow them to assist with treatment of Japanese Knotweed.  There is also training available for operating strimmers and brushcutters allowing volunteers to keep Himalayan balsam at bay.  Trained volunteers will be able to provide on-going control after the funding ends in 2014 – by which time the INNS problem should be reduced to a low level.   If you are passionate about wildlife and your local area and want to join a volunteer work party please get in touch with the project officer.


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One Response to Carrick Invasive Species Project – new website

  1. Stuart says:

    congratulations on getting the project up and running so quickly. You have made a great start and I hope the communities give you the support you deserve.
    The new web site looks great so well done to both you and Charles for this. It looks crisp and fresh and I think you should send the link to RAFTS, the ASFB and Fiona Ross at South Ayrshire Council and ask them to circulate it to their members/staff. Don’t forget your funders and ART’s Trustees as I’m sure they will be impressed.