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2 Responses to VACANCY – Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  1. mark boyle says:

    Why have none of the fishing clubs,and land ownwrs,above catrine dam not been cashing in, all they have to do is put the dam on the internet,live web-cam,would cutdown the peochers,and people will come to see the fish jumo,I don’t think I’ve saw as meny fish jump anywhere else in scotland,? It’s an untapped gold mine for the whole community !

    • Stuart Brabbs says:

      Mark, the problem is getting a live feed and broadband host at the dam. We have looked into this. There is another issue too. It would need to be an armoured camera to withstand the inevitable onslaught of missiles, pellets, bullets etc. This too has been considered but without a broadband host, everything is a non starter. We even suggested and gave the Community Trust the details of the servic provider but so far they have been unwilling to take this forwards.
      I have to say that there are far fewer salmon going over Catrine Dam than just a few years ago. The huge runs we used to see after a spate are now just a trickle compared to years back. Conservation (C&R, Poaching prevention, redd cleaning) is more important now than ever.