Here’s a link to an incident that took place at Catrine Bonded Warehouse in 2011. The article relates to the court proceedings following pollution of the River Ayr.

At no point did anyone notify ART of this spill however we have complained to SEPA on several occasions about pollution seeping through the ground to the river from this warehouse. As we weren’t informed at the time, we have no way of quantifying the damage to the fish stocks and are unsure if SEPA’s ecologists found any dead fish or invertebrates. We understand that this prosecution was taken by SEPA’s COMAH team rather than the local office.

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2 Responses to Whisky Pollution

  1. david cosh says:

    According to the Record 31st January it was 7000 bottles, not 140. I know you shouldn’t believe what’s in the papers but there is a big difference.

    • Stuart Brabbs says:

      You are correct David, if fact I think it was 7140 bottles (presumably 75cl). We didn’t state a number as we could be certain but the press has reported that it was 7140 bottles. It is disappointing that no one from SEPA notified us of the incident at the time as we could have checked for impact on the fish population.