We recently installed a water butt in the garden that is fed from the roof of one of the sheds, however with today’s rain it’s almost full.
If anybody has a water butt that is spare or isn’t used we would gladly use it at the office. This butt has filled so quickly that we could easily link a few in series to give ourselves a large supply of water for the drier spells of weather. With our garden full of small trees and cuttings watering has become an important part of office activities.

It’s not a large volume of water and when you have 1000s of cuttings you need plenty of water.

We have incredibly poor water pressure at Auchincruive so using a hose to water the garden really isn’t an option. However willow is a thirsty plant and prefers its feet to be wet. So watering has become an essential part of the weekly routine.

If you have an old water butt or barrel that we could use please leave us a comment, email struan@ayrshireriverstrust.org or call the office on 01292 737300.

It’s been raining hard this morning and our guttering is collecting all the rain that lands on the roof.


The water has been running like this all morning…better flow than we get from our taps!

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2 Responses to Water butt(s) required!

  1. d.cosh says:

    I have a plastic cirular tank that was used as a header tank for the hatchery at Doonfoot, probably 500 gallons, you can have it if you wish.