We are incredibly appreciative of all the support and donations we receive, every little helps and knowing there are supportive people who follow us is uplifting. Here is an example that gave us all a lift this morning. We received a special delivery of 8 crab apple trees (Malus sylvestris) in the mail. There was no note in the packaging to tell us who sent them, but we’d like to thank out anonymous donor for their donation and support. Many thanks it really is appreciated and it made a dull Friday morning a whole lot better.

We have no idea if our mystery donor is an angler or not, but whoever it is clearly watches our blog and Facebook pages and supports the work we carry out.


Unfortunately​ the Post Office didn’t pay to much attention to the “keep upright” note on the box but we’ve tidied them up and given them a watering. We are very grateful and will bring these trees over the summer and plant them out somewhere appropriate over the winter months.

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