Just a little break from knotweed spraying updates to share a close encounter I had with an otter.  I bumped in to this little guy (or girl) while I was out looking for balsam on the upper Girvan earlier in the summer and after telling some of my volunteers about it I have to post the pic so they can see for themselves!  He/She was busy foraging away and didn’t notice me so I stood nice and still at the edge next this log and as you can see he swam right up to me! Took him a minute or two to register my presence and soon scarpered after that.  I have seen lots of signs of otters on the Girvan and speaking to a few fishermen they see them regularly too so a good sign of a healthy river.


Away he goes!


Don’t mean to brag but I saw a Kingfisher that same day!..no pictures though, went by a little fast!

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