The aims of the Trust are to promote and support initiatives designed to conserve, enhance and develop our fisheries for the enjoyment of current and future generations, and to preserve a valuable part of our natural heritage.


  • Provide the expertise needed for the implementation of fishery management initiatives and environmental improvement programmes.
  • Organise projects for the removal of obstacles to fish migrations, opening up vast areas of high quality spawning habitat upstream.
  • Provide the resources required to undertake research into all aspects of fishery management, including water quality, spawning habitats and re-stocking from hatcheries.
  • Promote awareness through education, of the importance of our rivers and fisheries and the need to conserve and preserve this valuable local asset.
  • Establish strong links with local and national organisations with interests in fishery management, sharing of data, knowledge and experience, all in pursuit of the Trusts aims and objectives.
  • Provide an authoritative voice in Ayrshire to lobby for conservation of our national rivers and fisheries

The Ayrshire Rivers Trust (ART) is a Scottish Registered Charity SC030426, based within the Auchincruive Campus of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), formerly the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) , in Ayr. ART was formed in the year 2000, and aims to reverse the significant decline in local freshwater fish stocks through improved scientific management and long-term restoration of our local rivers.

The immediate goal of the Trust was to raise sufficient funds to employ a full time biologist to begin the work. This was duly carried out, and the Trust’s first biologist began work in February 2002.  13 years on the trust now employs five full-time staff members.  It has become clear to the Trust that there are many opportunities to enhance the environment in and around our rivers, both to improve fish stocks, and also to bring wider biodiversity benefits.