We provide an extensive range of environmental and biological consultancy services, drawing upon the skills, knowledge and experience of our staff across multi-disciplines.

Our consultancy services:


Electrofishing fish population assessment (SFCC Team Leader accredited)

Habitat surveys (SFCC accredited)

Freshwater Pearl Mussel Surveys (NatureScot license holder)

Fish rescues and translocation – reservoirs, large ponds and rivers

Invasive Non-Native Plant Species – surveys and strategic control programmes (PA6AW- foliar and stem injection applications)

Macro-invertebrate surveys and monitoring (BMWP, WHPT, PSI, RICT2)

North American Signal Crayfish surveys and trapping under licence

Provide data to inform Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Fishery audits and guidance for wind farm developments, utilities, road infrastructures and water crossings

Habitat restoration and enhancement including green engineering, tree planting etc.

Fish barrier assessments (SNIFFER accredited)

PIT tagging

GIS Mapping

Riparian mammal surveys

Scale reading and interpretation

Drone aerial photography and videography

Environmental project management

eDNA sampling


Stem injecting Japanese knotweed

The environmental consultancy at ART provides specialist advice to clients from all sectors including public utilities, renewable energy, developers, forestry, local authorities and others.

Fish Rescue

We provide a range of specialist surveys and monitoring including fish habitat, fish populations, fresh water pearl mussel and riparian mammal species.

Fresh water pearl muscle survey

We have extensive knowledge of non-native invasive species distribution across Ayrshire. We provide surveys and develop control strategies for Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam. ART also undertake control for landowners, developers and utilities etc.

Invertebrate sampling

The range of ecological services that ART consultancy provides will ensure clients are protected by following best practice guidelines, legislation and government policy.

Working with ART utilises local specialist knowledge and experience. ART have close links with the District Salmon Fishery Boards in Ayrshire and can help ensure developers meet their statutory requirements. 

Deliver specialist surveys and sampling that meets or exceeds planning, local authority and Scottish Government requirements.

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