Environmental Engineering

ART specialise in delivering tailor made solutions using engineered approaches. 

We offer advice, project management and construction services to developers, landowners and agriculture.

Environmental engineering services

Fish Passes & Barrier Easement


ART have been instrumental in delivering a variety of barrier easements across various catchments, overcoming a host of problems for migratory fish. Here are a few examples: following examples:

  • Technical Lariner fish pass construction at Sevenacres Weir on the Lugton Water, near Kilwinning – value circa £400k
  • Timber baffle fish pass installation on the Tulloch Water at Tulloch bridge on the Irvine catchment – value circa £12k
  • Design and installation of oak and plastic baffle fish passes at two culverts on the Bogend Burn at Catrine on the River Ayr – value circa £6k

These installations are designed to improve fish passage over obstacles and reconnect fish with habitat from which they have been excluded. ART biologists monitor fish population recovery following the installations.

Riverbank Restoration


In recent years, green engineering techniques have become increasingly important for river restoration and are often preferred over more traditional, hard engineering solutions.

ART staff are experienced in numerous techniques using natural materials and sustainable alternatives. Using green approaches to stabilise or restore degraded riverbanks offers many benefits for water quality, instream habitat and biodiversity.

We recognise that green engineering solutions may not be appropriate in every situation which is why we can advise on the suitability of solutions or recommend ways to incorporate green and sustainable techniques alongside hard engineering.

We regularly advise planners and sub-contractors on safe working practices when working close to or within watercourses.

In addition, we can advise, consult, design and deliver:

  • Wetland management systems
  • Natural Flood Management
  • Bank stabilisation & riverbank restoration
  • Installation of woody debris

Our staff include qualified national plant operators who have experience working in sensitive habitats and in close proximity to watercourses.

Green Engineering at Nether Wellwood

Agricultural riverbank restoration


We specialise in restoring riverbanks on agricultural land by providing solutions that benefit both farmers and biodiversity.

In 2022, on the River Ayr catchment we worked with two landowners to halt significant bank erosion that was contributing large volumes of silt and sand to the watercourse.

By protecting riverbanks using a range of techniques we were able to reduce the amount of productive land lost to the river. This was a major benefit to the landowner as well as to the river environment and spawning fish. See the before and after sliders, or check out the Wellwood Project page HERE



Environmental Engineering Examples

Following recommendations from SEPA, Scottish Water approached ART to design and deliver a green engineering solution. Willow spiling was installed in September 2017 at the Tarholm Sewage Treatment works outfall. We have provided images of the work and the establishment since. Further information can be found HERE

Tarholm – 2017

Tarholm – 2018

Tarholm – 2023

Our catalogue of videos showcasing green engineering projects and techniques can be found HERE

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