Following the operator of Tarbolton Landfill going into voluntary liquidation on the 13th June, concerns have risen over leachate from the site that may be entering the Water of Fail and the River Ayr system. Apparently, there are concerns over the nature of materials that have been dumped within the site (we understand this possibly includes highly toxic incinerated ash) and their potential for escape into the watercourse with catastrophic impact for all aquatic species.
We have long been concerned over the Tarbolton Landfill facility and its licensing. This landfill was located on Tarbolton Moss and under modern landfill requirements would never have received consent due to its proximity to a watercourse and the surrounding wetland.
SEPA issued a public information video over the current situation and provide web details for anyone with concerns. The acting head of West Region Chris Dailly states ‘Compliance is non negotiable’ so presumably we can look forwards to swift and appropriate measures to prevent an environmental disaster?

We will keep readers updated as and when more information becomes available.

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4 Responses to Tarbolton Landfill in Liquidation

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  2. Name witheld by ART says:

    it was hazardous waste that was going into the landfill where I worked for 20 years and was not allowed to speak. job made redundant unlawful, health and safety people cover up I was threatened I would lose my house and car if I said anything.

  3. Name supplied but witheld by ART says:

    albion environmental said it was hazardous in 2007 and they were health and safety consultants for Tarbolton I was put in harms way and on numerous occasions complained about this. john squire was in charge at tarbolton then. health and safety cover up I had duty of care paperwork that s e p a officers would not look at.

  4. vince honeyman says:

    i’ll verify that , i drove for a local construction firm, very well known, i wont say what i was carrying but i can tell you it was only fit for avondale polmont, the things ive seen on that site being dozed over would shock you, as always it will be one big coverup, cap it and forget it eh. shocking.