Last week we began our first rod building course with a great group of enthusiastic guys all looking to build their own rod from scratch rather than buying a factory built model.

Stuart demonstrating how to whip a guide on to the blank.

Attaching the reel seat and cork grip is the first job when building your rod – the process can seem daunting to begin with but the reality is building a rod is a straightforward process and very enjoyable.

Building your own is significantly cheaper, allows creative freedom and most importantly you end up fishing with a tool that you’ve built yourself. Pair that with some home tied flies and you’ve really found a way to heighten your fishing experience!
We began last week by installing the handle and reel seat on a rod after finding the spine.
The next session will see guides being whipped on to the rod and after that epoxying the guide wraps and that’s all there is to it really!