By the end of the week it was looking as if the smolt run was starting to tail off.  However the heavy showers on Friday resulted in a two inch river in the river level leading to our biggest daily catch so far on Saturday (why on the weekend, it took us all morning to process the fish!).

The catches this week were as follows (totals are for all salmonids, although the overwhelming majority continue to be salmon smolts).


Monday         319

Tuesday        139

Wednesday   100

Thursday       101

Friday            115

Saturday        798

Sunday          123


On Sunday we had 6 sea trout smolts (4.8% of the days catch) and equal highest sea trout smolt daily catch.


One day midweek we weighed all the fish we caught.  There was a big range from 15.6 g to 63.4g in the salmon smolts. The single sea trout smolt caught weighed 71.9g (it was 190mm in length).

The graph below shows the length to weight (sea trout smolt coloured orange).

Smolt length to weight

Hopefully this week will see the run dwindling, we could all use a weekend to ourselves!


Brian Shaw