At the start of this week, ART’s trustees and staff had an ‘away day’ to the Kirkton Inn in Dalrymple with the purpose of developing forward thinking and new strategies for the Trust in coming years.

Brian Shaw reviewed the first 10 years of the Trust and progress made so far followed by Chris Horril of RAFTS who explored future opportunities for funding and confirmed that ART is well placed to deliver in emerging areas of riparian management. The current financial climate is difficult for everyone but there may be opportunities ahead for Trusts to become involved in areas traditionally reserved for local and national Government and their agencies.

The afternoon was filled with generating ideas for future projects and strategies. There was no shortage of suggestions and in the weeks ahead we will develop a list of priorities for the trust that will take us through the next few years. Of course we have many existing projects and priorities and these too will develop. 

The day was felt to be very useful by all and undoubtely reassured both staff and Trustes that we are heading in the right direction.