No not an advert for healthy eating rather it is a message we want anglers on the Doon to adopt this year. Himalayan balsam is becoming established on the banks of the river and want to enlist the help of all Doon fishers to eradicate this invasive weed before it takes over. Himalayan balsam spreads very rapidly once it becomes established, it can grow to over 6′ high making access to the river difficult. We think it is limited to Cassillis downstream but please be vigilant even if you fish upstream.

It’s pinkish flowers make it easy to recognise once you get your eye in and it is easy to control if we can get enough people interested.

So what do we want you to do? Well firstly we will be organising a Himalayan balsam pulling day this summer; we might even manage a barbeque and drink afterwards. If you are able to take part please get in touch with the Trust.

Secondly, adopt the mantra “take five, pull five”. Once you’ve fished down a pool put your rod down for five minutes and pull a few balsam plants out of the ground. If possible leave them off the ground, i.e. over a branch or fence, where they will dry out and die, but if that is not an option just leave then in a heap to compost.

With a collective effort we can get rid of this plant on the Doon before it takes over.

Thanks to Chris Horrill, RAFTS Biosecurity guru, for coming up with this “catchy” slogan.