ART ran a water vole training course today for East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative. Working with local organisations on such projects is a great way to ensure that Ayrshire LBAP continues to gather data on these animals and identify surviving populations that may be very important locally but perhaps also on a national scale.

We were delighted to see Jim and Debbie from the Nith Board and Trust turned up to take part in the session along with others from the New Cumnock area. EACEI plan to commence surveying habitat in the upper Nith catchment (in East Ayrshire) shortly, working with the newly informed volunteers and professionals. ART will be pleased to support and advise wherever we can. Due to high water levels the planned field trip was cancelled however all those attending felt that they had gained some really useful information that would help them to make a start at surveying. ART will rearrange the site visit for a later date.

Based on the positive feedback from the attendees, ART will organise similar courses in future for RAFTS & ASFB members, some of whom have already expressed an interest. Our thanks to Sarah Sall from EACEI for her input and assistance with the organisation of the event.