The annual fisherman’s supper was held at the Kylestrome Hotel in Ayr last friday evening and I’m sure everyone will agree that it was a great success. The venue was filled to capacity and although we all felt a bit like sardines in a tin, the food was excellent and I’m sure no one left hungry or disappointed.

Dr Andy Walker and Robbie Duncan were the guest speakers and both kept the audience entertained and in good spirits. Tom Lothian, MC for the evening conducted a very well supported auction for fishings kindly donated by members. Brian Shaw our senior biologist gave a brief summary of ART’s work during 2011 and highlighted the importance of our supporters during what can only be described as difficult financial times. The final amount raised by the event has yet to be calculated but on the night the raffle raised over £900 with the auction bringing in the order of  £500 for which we are all very grateful. As Tom Lothian pointed out, running the Trust takes an incredible amount of money so every penny that is raised or donated by members and supporters helps us to deliver the valuable work that we do. With around 100 people in attendance on the evening, the support for the Trust is obvious and much appreciated.

Tom Lothian conducting the auction with Robbie Duncan, Dr Andy Walker, Brian Shaw and Janette Galbraith looking on.

Janette Galbriath is our administrator and events co ordinator. She kept tabs on who won what, will post a list of winners on the blog in the next few days.

Fran Millar of Scottish Water admiring her prize. This table walked away with several prizes on the night including the top raffle prize, a Bruce and Walker 15' Norway Salmon rod!

At the dinner this year we had many new and some very familiar faces too. Our thanks to all those who attended or supported the evening and especially to those who generously donated prizes and fishing. Finally we would like to thank the Kylestome Hotel and their staff for looking after us so well.

Fisherman’s Supper Raffle Draw – Donator & Prize Winners List

                                     Xmas Raffle Prizes 2011


Donor                       Prize                                                              Winner

1.   David Cosh       Bruce & Walker Norway 15ft fly rod            Richard Docherty    

2 .  ART                   Stinchar Map                                                   Arthur Fleming

3.  Wm Grant & Sons  Bottle of Money Shoulder Whisky         Robert

4.   Carlos Van Heddegem   Bottle Pinot Noir WineI                    Ian Hughes

5.   David Slider         Bottle Jack Daniels                                       Alistair Duguid

6.   David Slider         Box flies                                                         Alistair Duguid

7.   ART                      River Stinchar Map                                       Arthur Fleming

8.   ART                      River Stinchar map                                        David Slider

9.   Robin Wilson      Bottle of whisky                                           Alison Edmund

10.  Brian  Shaw         Box of  “Ayrshire Flies”                              Paul Christie

11.   ART                     Polo shirt                                                       Ross McCulloch

12.   ART                     River Stinchar map                                       Craig Hastings

13.   Alex Anderson   Bottle of whisky                                           David Russell

14.   Tom Lothian       Bottle of whisky                                           Fran Miller

15.   Energy Agency  Umbrella                                                        Kenny Hislop

16    ART                      Bottle of Port                                               Carlos Van Heddegem

17.    ART                      Fleece                                                          Sam McSkimming

18.    Gamesport            Daiwa fishing bag                                     Alison Edmund

19.    ART                      Stinchar Map                                              Gordon Dawson

20.    Ian McGregor      Bottle of wine                                             Gordon McDermid

21.    David Watson     Book                                                             Nick Quick         

22.    Gillian McIntyre   Voucher for Gailes Restaurant                Pamela Watson  

23.    Ian McGregor      Bottle of wine                                             David Stewart

24.    Ian McGregor      Fishing Reel                                               Steve Mason

25.    ART                      Bottle of sparkling wine                           Kenny Gibson

26.    ART                      Bottle of Sherry                                         Stephen Fraser

27.    ART                      Bottle of sparkling wine                           Paul Christie

28.    Phil Haughton      Bottle of Gin                                               Billy Galbraith

29.    Energy Agency    Umbrella                                                     Alistair Duguid

30.    Energy Agency    Umbrella                                                     Robbie Duncan


                                                         Auction Lots 2011


Carrick A.C.                   –        2 Rods for 2 days on River Girvan, date to suit angler

                                          Winner:-  Alistair Duguid



Lord Richard Wellesley   – 2 rods for 1 day on the Knockdolian beat of the River Stinchar

                                          Winner:-Paul Christie


 Andrew Cowan             –  2 rods for 1 day at Hallow Chapel, River Stinchar in August

                                           Winner:-Gordon McDermid



Lawrence Dalgleish      – 2 rods for 1 day at Blackhill, R Doon with lunch at the Riverside Inn

                                          Winner:-Stuart Lang



Lord Douro                  – 2 rods for 1 day at Dalreoch Sporting Estate, River Stinchar           

                                      Winner:-Norman Geddes 


Stuart Lang                     -2 rods for 1 day at Balnowlart, River Stinchar                                

Winner:-Ross McCulloch 


Janette Galbraith