ART are moving to new offices within Scottish Agricultural College at Auchincruive today (20th December 2011). We can now be found within the Engineering/Training Department which is joined on to our existing building. There will be some disruption to email and telephone service but hopefully nothing too serious and by the time we return after the Christmas holidays, things should be back to normal.


We still have phones and email. Talk Talk engineers failed to turn up today to move our telephone lines so until this is done we will be between offices. Most of our files and reference materials have been moved which just leaves us with the small problem of where to store our traps, rafts and coolers for salmon in the classroom. Thanks to Aleta for helping out today but above everything else, for bringing in the scones, butter and jam (Brian you are a lucky man!). By tomorrow evening I hope that the move will be about complete. Feel free to drop in and help us if you have time on your hands.

Wednesday Evening Update.

We are still waiting for an engineer to move our phone lines. The latest from Talk Talk is that BT engineers will perform the work but they won’t be arriving until the 28th at the earliest (when we are all on holiday!) We will try to speed this up or else face significant disruption well into January. Other than the phones issues, things have progressed well and we have almost completed the move. We just need to find some storage for mink and vole traps etc, move the computers and we are about done.