The Ayr and Irvine both rose rapidly into huge spates earlier today. The Doon, Girvan, Stinchar and Garnock were all up too but they aren’t in the same league as the first two. I had hoped to do some electrofishing this weekend to make up for lost time (weather related) but there’s no chance now! Im really concerned that we won’t be able to fulfil our survey commitments unless we get dry weather soon. I must ask Peter Kennedy and Nick Candlish for their rainfall records for the last year. I’m sure it will be the wettest since they stated keeping records.

From SEPA's web site, the Ayr hydrograph shows a 2m+ rise in level this afternoon and still rising at 6.00pm. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into the largest spate of the year so far.

The Irvine at 8.30pm was still rising but the hydrograph was beginning to flatten out at 3.5m, but after this evenings rain it may rise again.

Update: The Ayr peaked at around 3.8m and the Irvine around 3.6m.