I wanted just to say thanks to everyone that attended the fisherman’s supper on friday evening. I think we all had a great night judging from the comments we received so far. The venue was excellent and there was much more space this year and guests seemed to appreciate this.

Once we have worked out a final total, we will let everyone know just how well we did but I’m pretty sure we raised well over £2000 this year which is a new record for this event. This is tremendous and we can only thank all those who contributed in so many ways. Gordon will publish a list of prize winners and a final statement later this week and photos from the night.

Again a big thanks from the staff to everyone. I would also like to express my thanks to the staff who all made the event such a success.

Finally, we would also like to say a special thanks to Ann Wilson who turns up to this event every year and helps in so many ways. Your contribution, Ann is much appreciated and we couldn’t achieve this without you.