ART has redesigned the GCT mink raft over the last few years and now produces a much lighter and more durable product than is available anywhere else commercially. One of the main problems with the GCT Raft is that it is incredibly heavy when it has been deployed for a few days as it absorbs water and eventually the ply delaminates rendering it useless. Placing these rafts in remote locations is hard enough but when they are no longer required and are removed it becomes a two man job. ART’s raft is tried and tested and overcomes the weight and durability issues. It can be lifted easily from the water with one hand even after months afloat. It is built from a single sheet of material that is incredibly tough and withstands a fair amount of abuse..

Helen has just completed an order for over 150 mink rafts for the Scottish Mink Initiative. They have trialled the raft for over a year so we were delighted to receive such a large order all be it at short notice. Other Scottish Trusts have followed suit and are using the ART raft successfully and they too appreciate the light weight characteristics.

Helen cutting out the rafts

Meryl Norris built 18 today for the Carrick Invasive Project and these will be deployed across South Ayrshire in the coming months. Anyone from the Girvan or Stinchar catchments interested in operating a raft should get in touch with Meryl through the office.

Meryl first coating the rafts. We can supply rafts in a range of colours even camouflage

ART are taking orders for the new rafts and will soon dedicate a page on the web site for this purpose. Turnaround time for orders depends on the quantity  but we can produce over 200 rafts per month if necessary. Single rafts in flat pack are available from £39.50 for a basic raft (plus delivery). Baskets and clay can be supplied but are extra.  Larger quantities are available so please call for a quote. Until the web page is up and running, all enquiries to the office please (01292 525142).