Last night I received a call from the bailiffs informing me that they had just recovered a net stashed in undergrowth on the bank near Craigie Pool on the lower River Ayr. Bailiffs are active both day and night at present patrolling the length of the River Ayr. They have had considerable success this year, confiscating equipment from those found fishing without permission and currently have several cases before the Procurator Fiscal that will hopefully lead to prosecution and conviction.

The upper river isn’t escaping the attention of the poachers and this evening I received another report that the fish pass at Catrine had once again been blocked. This is a favourite spot for poachers but bailiffs will be monitoring the situation closely and will do whatever the can to allow fish to move freely upstream. Catrine Community Trust are currently working to develop a revised plan to improve fish passage and I look forward to the day when Catrine Dam is no longer a attraction for illegal poaching activity.

There is a real danger of drowning when meddling in the turbulent water in the fish pass.

The fish pass blocked with building materials last night.

Anyone seeing illegal activity on the river should contact the Ayr Bailiffs asap.