Meryl arranged for her Carrick volunteers to receive NPTC PA6AW training on the 17th and 18th of the month. Her candidates were well prepared for the examinations that got underway today and by the time I left the office, I heard that several had successfully completed their assessments. I presume the rest will sail through too. Judging by the look on Tim’s face, he was enjoying the experience and there’s nothing to worry about. Ronnie Bunting (on the right in the photo below) has a very relaxed manner and soon puts candidates at ease.

Tim of the left being assessed by Ronnie Bunting.

Tim (on the left),  being assessed by Ronnie Bunting.

Well done to everyone.

The latest candidates went through the course under the funded secured from LEADER by  the Carrick Invasive Species Project. The CIRB project has another 12 candidates sitting exams later this week. Good luck to you all and I’m certain you will do fine.

We hope to train more volunteers this year through the CIRB project. This will include a number of volunteers from Arran, and both training and assessment will be held on the island for their convenience (should any come forward).