On Friday 16th May, ART ran their 3rd annual quiz night at the Abbotsford Hotel in Ayr. Once again this proved to be a very successful night with 12 teams competing for the winners title. The quiz master, Wallace Milligan, had prepared various questions including general knowledge, sports and leisure and a visual category where he had prepared several flags with each team needing to name the country it belonged to along with it’s capital. In the end the winning team was the Smart Alex’s with 107 points, congratulations.

Quiz night 2014

As well as the quiz a raffle was held with various prizes ranging from bottles of wine to an umbrella, thank you to all who contributed to the prizes and took part in the raffle. Events like these help to raise awareness of the Trust and we are very grateful to all members and supporters who turned up and we hope to see you and your team once again next year. The total amount raised for the night was £293, so very well done to all.