As a follow on from the Carrick Invasives project we will still be controlling Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed under the CIRB project for 2014.

I will be holding two meetings in the coming weeks to meet with the volunteers that were trained under the Carrick Invasives project. These meetings will allow us to discuss the control strategy for 2014.

All trained volunteers are encouraged to attend if possible but if you feel that you would like to help with some Himalayan Balsam control where no formal training is required then please come along. All welcome.

Stinchar Catchment – Meet at Minuntion 7pm on Wednesday  30th July

Girvan Catchment – Meet at Southfield Hotel – 7pm Monday 4th August

For further information please contact Gordon on 01292 737300 (directions can also be supplied if required)


Japanese Knotweed Control

Japanese Knotweed Control