On Friday afternoon we were kindly invited along to Annbank Primary for their Community Picnic. And what an afternoon we had, the weather was excellent as was the turnout by pupils and parents.
The Trust is always happy to participate in events like this (time/schedules permitting) as we really believe that education is a powerful tool and that it is important to engage all generations with natural history.

Invertebrates from the River Ayr…a good selection of baetis, heptageniidae, shrimps and stoneflies.


There in there somewhere….given our low flows and warm weather it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of weed covering the substrates within the river. The weed offered good hiding places for the invertebrates.

It was a busy afternoon with many stalls and attractions to keep children and parents amused.

Unfortunately it was so windy our presentation boards wouldn’t remain up, but pupils (and adults!) Enjoyed getting to grips with invertebrate identification as well as chatting about the type of work the Trust is involved with.

There are definitely worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon!