Great news for the Irvine catchment ART has now secured adequate funding to improve two barriers in the upper catchment. We managed to secure the necessary funding despite many rejections. Our thanks to East Ayrshire Renewable Energy Fund, Nineveh Trust, Darvel Angling Club and the Hugh Fraser Foundation for their contributions to this.


These improvements should allow spawning fish to reach their intended destinations on the Hag Burn and the Tulloch Burn. Both these waters have impassible obstacles on them with good habitat upstream. By opening up spawning areas like this, this is the quickest way to increase stocks naturally.
ART hope to undertake work on both burns later this year. 

This has taken ART several years working behind the scenes to get to this stage. We do this for the Irvine fish, anglers and Clubs. We received contributions from Galston, Darvel and Hurlford Clubs a couple of years ago that allowed us to perform survey work and identify key issues. These two improvements come on the back of that work and should be to the benefit of every club on the river.