We are very grateful to Peacock Salt at Ayr Harbour who generously offered and donated a couple of salt bins to the Trust. We won’t use them for salt but may either use them as biosecurity stations or fish transport tanks (once the necessary hole is sealed and appropriate letting is added). Gillian has the idea of putting a perspex window into the side to allow viewing to check fish health during movements. This is a great suggestion and I’m keen to have a go with some sikkaflex, polycarbonate and a load of nuts bolts and washers. If we paint the inside white, they will make great viewing and transport tanks, I’m sure. The alternative use may be as biosecurity stations and this would be very useful too in the right locations.

Regardless of their potential new function, we really do appreciate them and Peacock Salt’s generosity.

Gordon receiving two new bins from Peacock Salt this morning.