We are pleased to launch our VLOG early in 2018. The staff have long been aware of the power of social media and the Trust has gained huge following through this web site, Facebook, and Twitter. These pages give us an opportunity to regularly share what we do and the  feedback we receive is generally very supportive and positive.

Episode 1 of our VLOG is a bit rough and ready. We don’t have any fancy graphics (yet) but rather than delay the launch, we felt it best to crack no with sharing this from the start of 2018. As we improve our techniques and abilities, the VLOG should become slicker but it will be a nice journey to document for everyone to see. Ideally, our VLOG will become a weekly account of our activities…’warts and all’. It will allow viewers to see  detail of what’s involved in our daily activities and will hopefully inspire other’s to get involved with the Trust, as volunteers and members. It may even attract a new generation into fishery biology, environmental management and fishing.

Initially we aim to upload a VLOG every couple of weeks and as the season progresses into spring and summer, this should become easier, particularly as our skills improve. Anyone with abilities that may help us develop some slick graphics for our channel, please get in touch as I’m sure we would benefit from assistance.

Follow this link and leave us a comment. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DU0Tob0lE5Pk&h=ATNuMkBNdmi57MZrqbWXOQWXSvWzkhlaMl9pCvprtURFEeKGA0efVt_j1_ibXg1KKN0NGDfSLnjyXEM9HXAWoPbSL4rUDM7m1Fl8LT5XXyj0zq-pvCi9I21QqhPeXVokTyIu5ai_jSU7djfDcQiGtD6xjGN4v5FYMf0ZLCD9LPzsWHtqRul7ANFm8NgvmM9WmvWWCJMm6Dg-6BMVA7G1wcahnQqTbFwV9_DFNs_a2ePiY3qLyFMKU3SehCqW8zYzHCt15aY6R04nKPI1oKKC3zv4OyrowIAqIavHDS8RIIa-lfMuMtExXQ