The A76 Cluverts on the Glaisnock Water have been a barrier to fish migration since they were installed around 30 years ago.

Several years ago, ART approached Scotland Transerve for improvements to be included within their scheduled maintenance of the structures and this week, after a few false starts, we saw contractors move on and establish a site ahead of undertaking repairs and more importantly, improvements for fish passage. ART provided comments and advice on what would be required and helped steer STS in the right direction.

Work has started at the A76 Glaisnock Culverts. These 50m tunnels have been impassable to migratory fish since they were built. Soon we shall see baffles installed and fish passage restored.

We will keep readers updated as things progress but there will be a series of baffles installed that should allow trout, salmon and eels to make their way through these tunnels since they were first installed. Easing barriers is high on our agenda at the moment and this year will see significant progress achieved at several obstacles. Watch this site for details.