Interesting to see that Marine Harvest is having a rebrand, changing their name to Mowi next year. Harking back to their roots, Marine Harvest were originally named Mowi when the company began fish farming in 1964. Since then it became Hydro Seafood under the ownership of Norsk Hydro before being sold to Nutreco of the Netherlands in 1999, when it was rebranded Marine Harvest.

A new line of Mowi branded products will be able to “communicate our integrated value-chain from feed to the consumer’s plate,” said Mr Aarskog the cheif executive of Marine Harvest.

The family of Thor Mowinckel, after whom the Mowi brand has been named are unhappy about this and issued this statement at the EGM “We do not wish be associated with what we consider an unsustainable way of farming salmon. Completely closed farms is the only way forward.”

A link to the article ran by the Financial Times is available here:…/1cba1872-e71d-11e8-8a85-04b8afea6ea3

Marine Harvest to rebrand as Mowi – but relatives of the company’s namesake are unhappy about the move