River Girvan District Salmon Fishery Board 2020

The Water of Girvan has been classified as a category 3 river by the Scottish Government. This means that in the government’s view “exploitation is unsustainable therefore management action is required to reduce exploitation for 1 year, ie mandatory catch and release.” It is an offence to kill a migratory fish.

Riparian owners and anglers, including day ticket holders, are expected to assist the Board its statutory obligations. Accordingly, all anglers will be expected to adhere to the Code of Practice below from the start of the 2020 season. The Code of Practice will be reviewed annually.


Water of Girvan Code of Practice for Anglers -2020

  • All salmon must be returned to the river
  • All sea trout must be returned to the river
  • All catches of salmon and sea trout must be reported to the controller of the fishing with two days.
  • Barbless or circle hooks are encouraged when worming.
  • No multiple (treble hooks x2) to be used when spinning
  • When practical, a fish should be unhooked without removing it from the river

All fish caught and nil returns should be included in annual catch returns. The Board would encourage anglers to record their angling effort, eg three half days in July one fish caught, as this will help us in any discussions with the government and is legally required.

Please spread the word on this Code of Practice. Your Board is investing in the future so that we can all continue to enjoy the river.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.