On Sunday evening BBC’s Countryfile aired a report on the challenges facing the Scottish salmon industry. In the last completed production cycle there was a 26% mortality rate of farmed salmon and in August alone 48,834 farmed fish escaped into the natural environment with very real prospects of damaging wild fish stocks through issues such as introgression.
To watch the report follow this link https://www.bbc.co.uk/…/m00…/countryfile-black-mountains and skim forward to the 11 min 30 second mark.
Stuart was filmed for much longer than the film shows but time had to be allocated to the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation reply. Whilst the industry is getting better the statistics are still damning.
The power lies with the consumer. At what cost to the environment and our native species do you eat farmed salmon?

The report was filmed on the bottom of the Doon, where many farmed fish were caught and removed from the system by anglers.

Covid restrictions still apply to filming and social distancing etc. was maintained throughout. Thanks to the guys from BBC for their professionalism and help with this.