A temporary fish pass has been approved by SEPA and built by the contractor’s working at Nethermills. Over the weekend, after receiving SEPA’s consent, Bailey’s team constructed the timber fish pass in Bolton and brought it with them on Monday when they returned to Ayrshire.

A temporary timber fish pass has been installed to ensure work can commence and fish can access the river at all times.

The temporary pass follows typical Larinier design

A notch was prepared in the lower dam yesterday and this morning, the temporary fish pass concreted into place. Flow through the fish pass will be opened tomoroow and the old one closed until mid July. ART will be on site to remove any fish from pools where they may become trapped as work progresses but once dewatering takes place, no fish should be able to enter the site.
While it may not look as though the site is too fish friendly, there has been a way through for salmon and trout on all days but when the temporary dam was installed and today when the new fish pass went in. Passage is available through the old pass this evening but that rout will be closed tomorrow when the new pass opens.
ART are in direct contact with the developer and their contractors daily at the moment to ensure there are no problems for fish.