Plenty o trees planted, guarded and staked in the background as we discussed teh day and whether or not to call time before the rain came.

Our first volunteer day planting trees at Wellwood where we have been stabilising bank erosion was without doubt a success.

The weather threatened all morning but stayed dry until lunchtime. With the fencer still working in the next area we intended to plant, we decided to call it a day before the heavens opened and I think that was the right decision. It was really encouraging to the staff and will be to the funders to see volunteers from all different walks of life turning up to help. We are truly grateful for their support.
I think the volunteers enjoyed their day and I’m sure all went home surprised they were still dry.
Our next volunteer day will be Saturday, the 19th February by which time all the fencing will have been completed and more trees planted by the staff. If the weather drys up this week, we will have completed all the outstanding in riverbank works by then and should finish planting the trees. After that, it just requires grass seeding and we will wait as long as we can to sow it or at least until the ground temperature warms up.
Thanks again to everyone that came along and we look forwards to seeing more new faces next Saturday.

Stuart and some volunteers discussing some of the project’s aims