Making quick work of planting and staking the new trees.








Blue skies and sunshine prevailed for a while

Trees going in on the bank we stabilised using Christmas trees collected from Mauchline

Well today’s weather was better than expected and I am relieved we didn’t cancel or postpone our volunteer tree planting session at Wellwood near Muirkirk on the River Ayr.  Weather last week was awful which delayed the fencers, understandably. We decided to continue and attempt to finish the tree planting at Upper Wellwood bank today and we did.
Next we will move onto the Mid Wellwood bank and plant more trees then complete our green engineering before the weekend if water levels remain low…that may be a big if, but we are hopeful.If we can, we may arrange another volunteer day next Saturday. I’ll keep these pages informed of whatever we decide.
With another project applied for upstream yesterday, we hope to really make a difference to the function of the upper Ayr and improve riparian corridors for all species if we are successful with our bid.  Everything needs some help and this diverse project if successful, will change terrestrial and in stream habitat for the better for years to come. Birds, mammals and fish populations should reap the benefits and improved connectivity will allow movement of species along the river. Biodiversity on the whole should improve.
A huge thanks to the few that braved the weather forecast and turned out. It turned out to be a really nice day and I’m sure all enjoyed making a difference.

Volunteers and staff after planting the remaining trees on the Upper Wellwood bank