We were very grateful to be donated a new Bretschneider electrofishing kit from Stephan Mueller who owns a stretch of the upper Water of Girvan. This new kit whilst similar to our existing kits runs on lithium-ion batteries and is much lighter without sacrificing battery life. Coupled with a rucksack style carry bag this new kit is more comfortable, lighter and easier to use for extended periods of time rather than our older, heavier system.

Often electrofishing sites can require a significant walk across difficult terrain to access. The team are very impressed and very pleased to have this new equipment which has been put to good use on a number of such surveys already.

If any Trusts are interested in how to get hold of this Bertschneider kit then get in touch and we can direct you to the makers.

The new kit beside the old.

Carolyn gets to grips with the new style of kit. Lighter and more comfortable makes a big difference when you spend 6 hours a day with a kit hanging off your shoulders!


Stuart and Stephan Mueller. Many thanks Stephan! We’re incredibly grateful for the new kit!