freshly decorated with new graphics this morning and our new vehicle has been put to work.

Unfortunately nothing last forever and for the second time in 2 years, our oldest Citroen Belingo van snapped a timing belt but this time it was at the start of our field work season leaving us with a terrible dilemma of ‘what to do’ now. We really need 2 vans year round. Downtime for a timing belt repair with valves and cylinder head overhaul could take as long as 4 weeks depending on parts availability and finding a garage able to do the work for us at short notice and we just couldn’t wait that long.

The Berlingo has been parked up until we decide what to do with it and a new vehicle was sourced. We considered second hand vans in all shapes and sizes but the reality was that currently, second hand van prices are grossly over inflated and then you have to add VAT making even an older and highish mileage van, an eye waveringly expensive option. Fortunately we are resourceful and Struan and Stuart jumped into actin and headed to Newcastle to inspect what appeared to be a very good buy in a Landrover Freelander 2. After agreeing a price, Struan drove this vehicle home and it is a very luxurious and comfortable replacement for the old van. A tow bar has been ordered and will be fitted shortly but with the graphics arriving today (thanks to Branding Hub of Ayr) and fitted this morning by Stuart and Carolyn, this vehicle has been pressed into use. Not a bad turnaround in such a short space of time and a very versatile option that will reduce the reliance on Stuart’s vehicle. What’s more it is low mileage compared to all the vans we considered and at a considerable cost saving.

Carolyn lining up the new graphics. It was a bit nerve racking in case we made mistake as you only get one chance at this but I think we did a good job


Clean looking lines and sharp graphics. We are very pleased with our new ‘van’

In time we may repair the Berlingo and bring it back into service but all will depend on the costs involved but it would seem a shame to scrap it as its been well maintained and had everything done that it ever needed.