We’ve recently completed bank regrading and green engineering at our NatureScot funded project, Greening the Banks of the Water of Girvan. The site consisted of over 50 meters of sheer eroding banking that was contributing tonnes of sand and silt to the Girvan annually. Give our video a watch to find out more about this work.

Alan and Jennifer bundling brash to protect the toe of the bank. The key to these types of projects is to have a lot of material to hand. We’re very grateful to the volunteers who came out to help us build the bundles we’ve used in this project.

Ian and Roy build bundles on what was a sweltering day earlier this summer.

This project is focused on bringing improving to the riparian habitats to bring benefits to fish species as well as all the terrestrial species that utilise river corridors, through green engineering, tree planting and protecting key areas by fencing.

The bank we regraded last month, have a look at our video to see how we tackled this very steep, highly eroding bank.

Give our short introductory video a watch for more detail and watch out for more video updates soon! #naturerestorationfund Net Zero Scotland.
We are grateful to the landowner and the Girvan DSFB for their continued support on this project.
Follow the link here to watch the video.