During electrofishing surveys we occasionally come across a fish that stands out for some reason or another. In 2009 when surveying a site on the Glenmuir Water in the upper reaches of the Ayr Catchment (closed to fishing), we caught a brown trout in a pool below a small falls that was around 260mm long which was considerably larger than others in the sample. It was duly photographed and returned.
Last week Brian and I returned to electrofish the same site one year on wondering if the ‘big fella’ would have survived the winter. Again from below the falls came a larger than average fish that was photographed and measured at 330mm long and on close inspection of both the 2009 and 2010 photographs we can be certain that it is the same fish. The fish has developed more spots but last years spots remain unchanged as a permanent marker. I’m already looking forward to next year’s electrofishing with the anticipation of a near 2lb’er! 09 Glenmuir Trout webWeb Glenmuir trout