David McPhail, Ayrshire’s best known fly dresser has very kindly dedicated a magnificent Salmon fly that he has created to the Ayrshire Rivers Trust called the ‘Ayrshire Man’. This is a stunning fly and is sure to be a big hit across the Country this year. Davie has placed a video demonstration of the tying on You Tube and in a very short time has had well over 6000 hit’s for this pattern alone. Have a look at this and Davie’s other videos on you tube.  http://youtu.be/zIGJhzDnjgc 

A big thanks to Davie for this and he kindly offered to donate the original fly that he tied in the video to the Trust to do with as we see fit. We will need to come up with something appropriate but regardless of what we do, I’ll keep everyone posted through the blog. Of course your suggestions are welcomed.