ART will release competitive tender documents for the Control of Non Native Invasive Weeds on Ayrshire Watercourses during 2012 (CIRB Project) on the 13th February 2012. This INTERREG IV funded project is a cross border partnership and suitably qualified contractors are encouraged to apply for the tender documents from anywhere in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

A full suite of tenders (11 in total) will be released at a pre tender meeting at 1.30pm on the 13th Feb 2012 at ART’s offices, Scottish Agricultural College, Donald Hendrie Building, Auchincruive, Ayr KA6 5HW. Contractors wishing to tender are strongly advised to attend the pre tender meeting where tenders documents, procedures and qualifying requirements will be explained and there will be opportunities for questions and answers. To comply with INTERREG procurement rules and in the interest of fairness, ART staff will circulate all questions and answers that arise before , during or after this meeting with all those contractors interested and /or wishing to submit tenders that have notified us of their interest. ART staff will not answer any questions on a ‘one to one’ basis.

Contractors wishing to attend this meeting or to be included in the tender process are requested to notify ART staff in advance of the day.  Tender documents will be issued in electronic format unless otherwise requested. They will also be available for download on our web site in the INTERREG Project pages.

The deadline for tender submissions will be 5.00pm on Thursday 27rd Feb 2012. Late submissions will not be accepted. Submissions in ‘hard copy’ only will be accepted.

Please contact ART in writing to lodge interest in this process or for more information.