Again I headed to the River Ayr to try for a grayling this afternoon. Once again I was beaten by dirty water when the river should have been clean. I then received a phone call from W. Menzies at Cumnock informing me that the Netherton burn was running dirty. SEPA had been informed.

I headed straight there to confirm the situation and then called SEPA myself. SEPA’s duty officer was unable to attend due to another incident elsewhere but has logged ART’s displeasure at this repeat occurrence and they will investigate this tomorrow and report back. I was unable to make contact with anyone from ATH despite my best efforts.

I headed to Cumnock and noticed the Lugar upstream of the Glaisnock confluence was dirty too. The pollution source appears to have been somewhere on the Bellow Water downstream of Wellflat Bridge as it was clear there. It was dirty at Cronberry. I have my suspicions where this dirty water was coming from but couldn’t confirm this today due to other commitments that called me away. I aim to go back tomorrow to see how things progress. Again SEPA’s duty officer was  informed of this pollution and he will investigate this too. I’ll update this post in due course.

I suggest anyone affected or concerned by the recent pollution incidents put their views in writing to SEPA, The Trust or the DSFB as a matter of urgency. The Board meets on Tuesday 14th Feb and it will be discussed at the meeting.