We recently introduced a supplementary stock of water voles to the Darley Burn in Troon.  Three weeks following the reintroduction, field signs are abundant and we are confident that they are doing well. From last year’s experience we know that water voles can establish homes quickly and are likely to produce young this summer – our fingers are crossed that they will breed with voles surviving from last year’s stocking (or their young) , forming a sound breeding population.

Water vole burrow

We have been continually monitoring the area for mink, and today for the first time in months we found some prints on one of our rafts.  Traps have been deployed, and we hope to swiftly catch and dispatch the animal.  Fortunately the Darley Burn is rich with vegetative cover, and we hope that this will provide shelter to the voles from predators.  This cover is improving following the installation of  over 500m of fencing by the Trust to prevent cattle accessing to the burn and we hope that this high quality habitat will support the water vole population for years to come.


Mink footprint