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The Ayrshire Post’s ‘Wish’ campaign is coming to a close, with the final tokens having been printed in this week’s paper (released 07/11/12).  This week’s edition has rounded the campaign off with a special 24 tokens hidden throughout, as opposed to the usual 4 or 8.


We have been collecting these tokens for the past 7 weeks and appreciate every last one submitted to us. We will be posting them to the Ayrshire Post next Friday (16th) so need any final ones to either be posted to us or handed in at the office before then.

Just to remind you all of how it works, 100 charities/groups in Ayrshire have been collecting the tokens to gain their share of a £10,000 cash give away.  The proportion of tokens we collect directly correlates to the proportion of money we will receive.  Every penny counts, so if you or anyone you know buys the Ayrshire Post, please think of us and send us your Wish tokens.




UPDATE: The deadline has now been extended, and so we will now be submitting them on 23/11. This gives us an extra week for collecting Wish tokens, so please remember to send them in!