As part of the CIRB (Controlling Invasives Restoring Biodiversity) project we have trained over 20 volunteers to PA6AW level. This qualification allows the person to use chemicals to treat Invasive Non Native (INNS) species around water.

For 2013 we are looking to train more volunteers and we are again offering free training. The first of these training courses will be taking place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of April with the exam the following week.

I am aware that a few of you were left disappointed last year when our budget ran out so please get in touch again.

Trained volunteers will help with  the control of INNS around Ayrshire but we do have a distinct lack of volunteers for the River Ayr catchment. It would be a great help to the Trust if we could get some more volunteers from the Ayr catchment as the river does have a significant problem with INNS. Although we use contractors on the River Ayr, we still need some help each year and for the future.

Anyone interested in taking part can email me or call me on 01292 525142 to book your place.


Controlling Giant Hogweed on The Ayr Catchment 2012

On a side note, if you don’t feel that you can help by giving up your time, you can always become a member of the trust. For a small yearly subscription fee we will send you a copy of our annual report and some stickers for your car. You will also get a newsletter sent to you throughout the year which lets you know how your donation is helping with the valuable work we do all over Ayrshire. You are also entitled to a 10% discount from selected tackle and outdoor stores. Every little helps especially in the current financial climate  and all monies are fed directly into the vital work we carry out.

If you would like to become a member you can do so  by clicking the following link

You can also email me for a form