Occasionally we are asked to undertake surveys that require new skills. Scottish Water has commissioned us to survey Pundeavon Reservoir near Kilbirnie as they are planning to remove the dam wall and take the reservoir out of commercial use. Prior to letting the water and fish go down the Garnock, we recommended that they survey the reservoir for non native species. ART offered to do this and were awarded the contract. We will need to set nets and thus require to use a boat. RYA Level 2 Power Boat Training was required to ensure that all staff are competent at handling a boat and have the necessary skills to perform rescues etc. should someone fall overboard.

Boats, trainers and ART staff about to set off on day 2


Clyde Muirshiel Park at Lochwinnoch offer RYA Training and we signed up so that the team would all be trained to Level 2. Yesterday and today as you will be aware were rather cold days to be messing about in boats but that’s exactly what Gordon, Gillian and myself were doing at Castle Semple Loch. For two full days we braved the elements and all completed the course to the required standards.  Apart from rain, snow, hail and an icy cold howling wind blowing down the loch, making this a gruelling experience, we all enjoyed our days afloat. Ross our instructor was patient and helpful and was willing to spend time tailoring the training to exactly our needs wherever possible. A big thanks to him and the other instructors that were on hand over the two days and for the tea and coffee to heat us up.

This is fun.... isn't it???????