Helen and Gordon are on their way to Inverness tonight for electrofishing team leader training. CPD is important for the staff as it keeps us up to date with the latest developments and requirements within our profession and SFCC organised training courses such as this are recognised as the best available anywhere in the UK. Of course training isn’t cheap but it is an investment in the future, for our work on Ayrshire’s rivers. There is also a commitment from the Trust to the staff to see them reach their potential wherever they may end up working and that is very much appreciated by the team.

If annual membership to the Trust could pay for all CPD costs that would be a real achievement but currently it falls short. Now may be a good time to remind regular readers (and we have many), that their support is valuable  in many ways but not least in fundraising. Every penny raised through our many activities keeps the Trust alive and working to improve not just fishing but habitats, fish passage, invasive species control, conservation etc etc. If you are a supporter of our work but not yet a member, then we would welcome your subscription. Without support we are nothing and without us, we firmly believe, Ayrshire’s rivers would be worse off.

You can join the Trust by clicking the button at the top of the Trust’s web page and filling in an online form. Every member receives an annual report and a discount at a local tackle shop. The new annual report will be out soon so sign up now and get the latest edition hot off the press in a month or two.