We bought a quadcopter flying machine through CIRB last year with the intention of using it to survey for invasive weeds in difficult to access areas . Of course it was also destined to be used for other things such as aerial assessment of erosion and morphological alterations but it wasn’t as straight forwards as we hoped and things just didn’t seem to work as they were meant to. Ultimately we ended up scared to take this tool out of the office in case we crashed it or worse still, lost it over the horizon.

Today with the assistance of Murray (who has just completed a PhD in flight simulation), we managed to get some of the headaches worked out, well at least enough to give us confidence to try again. This will be a fantastic tool and Gordon and I will soon be making the most of every opportunity to get out there and do some filming. Watch the blog for new videos soon.

Anyone interested in such gadgets would benefit from Murray’s expertise to get a custom built system to suit your requirements. Give the office a call if you need his number.

Here’s a clip of Murray test flying it after working the systems out.   http://youtu.be/gYJUWcmPxIs